Dec 26 2012
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Anything for the Beta players?

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 Do beta players get any sort of item? Or was recieving the beta rewarding enough? Just asking considering LBP gave out a special little shirt for the sackboys of beta players.

Also, yes I finally got the game guys! I seemed to be the one that had the most hype for it back then but took me a while to finally get it. Unfortunetly, I didn't get the pre-order DLC. I pre-ordered the game but couldn't afford to buy it when it came out, so I wasted a little money on a pre-order Smiley Sad But hey, at least I finally have Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale!


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Re: Anything for the Beta players?

Dec 26, 2012
Glad you got it! It's really good. I agree there should be something for beta players whether it be an exclusive set if costumes for the characters or a title.

Also thought I'd let you know that the pre order costumes ( except Hehachi's, Raiden's, Dante's, and Big Daddy's costumes) are on the store in packs if you want them
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