Oct 21 2012
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Anyone Still Having Issues With the Beta? (10/21)

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There are a few other threads reporting this kind of stuff, but most of them appear to be from Tuesday/Wednesday when the servers were still fresh and overcoming initial issues. Anyway, here's a few of the glitches/issues I'm still seeing:


-  Overtime matches ALMOST ALWAYS cut out 30-60 seconds into the first overtime. I had one match get into a second overtime and it cut out on me 30 seconds into the 2nd OT period. The error message I get when this happens is "The matchmaking servers are currently unavailable" followed by some number (I'll try to grab a screenshot or just record the number if it happens again)


- Teleporting glitches still exist, although not nearly as common as earlier in the week. I mean, this is online play and people could obviously have different connection speeds (especially if you're on a college campus, obviously) so I'm not surprised that this happens from time to time, but every now and then a character will shoot across the screen. It's only happened to me once or twice but I see it in matches pretty often.


- Respawn delays occur pretty frequently. There have been a lot of times that I'm either in a Lvl 3 super like Kratos or Radec's where I'm trying to get to 6 kills but I wipe out the stage and then everyone has a 10 second respawn delay and completely screws me over. I've also had it happen to my character in the last 5 seconds of a match pretty often which sucks if you're trying to get off one last super!


- Character choice isn't recognized sometimes still and you'll default to Kratos. This only happens to me once in a while now (although it was happening probably 2 out of every 5 games earlier in the week) but it's really frustrating when it happens. Also there have been a number of matches where I end up with 3 Kratos' (more often than any other character) and I have to wonder wheterh all those people chose him or if it defaulted on them.


- Finally, I have one suggestion for the final product...hopefully the game will put you in a lobby with 3 other players before you choose charatcers. The randomness is fun and it works for the Beta, but I could imagine this getting old really fast. I hate ending up in games where all 4 people are the same character and I think a lobby system would help to avoid that. Just my $0.02.


So what do you all think? Anyone else having similar issues or any other issues I didn't mention?


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