Mar 15 2013
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Another reason to include an AC Rep

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While this is still unconfirmed, if it is infact true and Ubisoft are releasing the second exclusive to Vita AC title, this simply adds to the already hefty amount of exclusive content provided exclusively to the PS3 (and forthcoming PS4 in AC4s case). If Ubisoft is to get a rep, my best bet is on an AC rep - stating the obvious I know, but if it's just continuing to be solidified.
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Re: Another reason to include an AC Rep

Mar 16, 2013

hopefully there is a representative of assassins creed

Edward Connor or Kenway is because they are the most recent
my staff I really liked the costume edward Kenway is a mixture of all previous armor assassin that was very well

I want the representative who came to be in the game are male, combat moves have mixed with parkour that would be a great asset to the game

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