May 16 2017
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Another PSASBR Tease???

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For those of you who don't know, PlayStation Netherlands posted this picture some time ago (Which got deleted soon after) and people have been saying that it's mostly a Spyro Tease but that it could also be a PSASBR 2 Tease??? Here's some videos to explain this topic to justice.


So in the end, what do you guys think???

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Re: Another PSASBR Tease???

6 days ago

I have to say that because couple months ago Sony said they still have alot of titles they havent announced yet, which mostly saving them for E3 to help them gain the respect they had like last year, while also because Crash had been teased so many times by Sony before finally came to the light in E3 2016, i'm guessing although as we can see the picture is fake with rushed used models of characters... it still came from Offical Sony in netherleads, which means this could be a tease of either Spyro trilogy remaster or PSAS 2 with Crash & Spyro join part of roster. Less than a month left to wait

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Re: Another PSASBR Tease???

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It could be a tease. Who knows? With Sony Santa Monica's tweet from last December, the 4chan post (which I still don't believe but could still be partially true), and now this picture that's posted by Sony, it's definitely not out of the possibilty that these could be hinting to a follow up.


We just gotta wait until E3. This month is almost gone though so we don't have that much longer to wait.

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Re: Another PSASBR Tease???

19 hours ago

Only 3 weeks away.....


It's weird cause why would PlayStation Netherlands go out of their way to officially post something like this? So strange. It's crudely made so maybe they were rushing to get it out? and the fact that they also deleted it too


And with Spyro, Notice how everyone here has a game for PS4 (LBP3, God of War PS4, N-Sane Trilogy, Gravity Rush 2, PaRappa The Rapper Remastered.) and not Spyro yet..... Hmmm....


Plus, Spyro 20th anniversary coming up too. So just maybe.


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