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Re: Alternate Costumes Altered Supers

Nov 13, 2012

tippy78 wrote:

BlueDiamond93 wrote:


You misinterpreted then. Look and read.

Each character has the official 2 Alternate costumes only(Pre-order and within the game itself). Overall each character has 3 cotsumes but only 2alternates.

Now we have alternate colors. Their are 4 for each costume. 

Now we also have some characters where their alternate colors actually act as Alternate costumes. A couple of fans confirmed this because they know that alternate colored costume is an alternate costume within the game series of that chharacter. Its also on the PSASBR Wiki -_- 


You believe a wiki that anyone can edit?  Are you tryint to say that Sly's white and black "robber" color scheme seen the video is an outfit?  As this is not true. I've played as that color scheme just when there is more than one Sly.  Also I'd assume you're saying Old Heihachi is another circumstance but watching the WNF stream last week, that was just an alt color for original Heihachi as well that the player chose to use.  You could be right on only one alt besides the preorder.  But I know you're incorrect in saying the alt color is an alt costume. Unless you can show me undeniable proof.

Your taking this to serious and misunderstanding. First of all the Wiki is accurate for these players. Its the official wiki. Big difference from Wikipedia buddy. I made and edited 80% of Jaks Wiki on All Stars so I know things are accurate with him and etc...


Im not literally saying their alternate colored costumes count as an alternate costumes, im just saying who ever was in charge of that decided to have fun and use some of peoples alternate colors as alternate costumes. It may count towards the official aspect of it or it may just count as a fun alternate colored costume.

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