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Re: Alt-Costume-Characters

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Oct 26, 2012

Alright Top 3 Best Alternate Characters to add on to Jaks Alt are.

No.1- Jak's Father, Damas-



Jak's Father. Brave and Courageous King(who was also known as Great Warrior)of Spargus City and relative/member of the House Of Mar. He has his Staff which morphs into a gun and his melee moves. Powers are unknown, but are most likely kept secret..



No.2- Torn, Commander of the Freedom League(in Jak II-3).



Torn, former member of the Krimzon Guards pre Jak II and Commander of the Freedom League(Jak 3). Torn alone served as a Krimzon Guard(Police officers in the Jak series)so obviously he had to go through training to become that. He has his skills from his former occupation plus weapons. He's the highest of the Freedom League by being the commander.



No.3- Freedom League Guard(from Jak 3)-



Alright so these guys are the newer replaced Krimzon guards(which were featured in Jak 3). They travel in groups of 5 patrolling the Haven City. These guys are the strongest and only Guards units left in Jak 3. They the highest of their rank and are at peace unless a threat is proposed to them. They assisted an aided Jak throughout most sections in Haven City .



I think I over did it but your topic was complicated... The way you proposed your wants and questions were not explained well for these chars alt. No. 3 can be debatable with the wastelanders in Spargus City..

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