Nov 15 2012
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All Stars is an opportunity to help restore the Playstation brand to its former glory

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Although certain people will say that Playstation has tried to copy Nintendo and Microsoft, we've still seen more innovation and new IP's coming from Sony this gen than anywhere else. 


Nintendo has been coasting on its same 5 or so big name franchises for decades while Microsoft has practically no 1st party development anymore(that isn't focused on Halo or Kinect.) 


Heavy Rain, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, and the upcoming Last Guardian are PRIME examples that Sony has a mindset to back new and interesting ideas.  Playstation has always had something for everyone.. and despite some missteps, has aguably continued to make the strongest impact on the hardcore gaming community this gen. 


However, sales haven't reflected that because too many things are going wrong with the gaming industry.

1)  Too many people are buying games that take less time and effort to make.

2)  Mobile phone/casual gaming has become dominant.

3)  Production costs of games are too high, so developers are playing it safe.


With All Stars, it's not JUST an opportunity to celebrate the Playstation brand, it's an opportunity to bring in every single popular 3rd party resource possible.. even if they aren't featured in games. 

Sony MUST attract more consumers because they have had significant losses for multiple years now.. even if certain Sony divisions fail, if the Playstation division stays strong, Sony will not back out of the console business.  This is why Playstation All Stars MUST succeed.. it's the flagship of the franchise.. and there is really no limit to how far it can go if it gets the support. 


Lets say, hypothetically, you sign a deal with Square Enix to feature 5 characters in All Stars.  This doesn't just give interest to the title.. it gives interest to a title that COULD be a bonafide system seller.  Then maybe Disney wants to feature Kingdom Hearts so they also jump on board for Star Wars or Marvel.  Then maybe Capcom wants in on the action too.. and eventually, you have a product that appeals to anyone who has ever had interest in a fighting game before. 

And finally someone who plays this game but never has experienced what Playstation has had to offer before takes to Kratos or Sly.. and then take an interest in those franchises.  Those numbers start to add up.. and all the sudden, Superbot has sold 10 million copies of a game.. something that no PS3 title has done yet with the exception of Call Of Duty. 


Sony can then use those profits to fund a new game, open a new studio, keep a studio open that might've been shut down otherwise, buy the rights to make a game for the companies that it established positive relations with in working on All Stars, or invest in new gaming technoligies or ideas.. and since more people have taken an interest in the brand, the effects could be tenfold. 


So, please.  Stop buying your Call of Duties and Maddens.. and invest in games from companies that have heart and the future of gaming in mind.. otherwise, you may lose a lot more than you think.  Sony wants to give us something different, but only if you let them.



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