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Alicia Melchiott Move-Set (Valkyria Chronicles)

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It's been a while since I posted a move-set. I thought I'd get back on the horse with one of my favorite Sega franchises, Valkyria Chronicles. This one is for Alicia.


One major reason why a Valkyria Chronicles character should rep for Sega being that the series has stayed Sony-exclusive up until the card battle online game and the first one is currently the best-selling Sega title on the PS3. Since I couldn't decide who would be more worthy between the lead heroine or villainess, I decided to make two move-sets. You can read Selvaria's version here and decide which is better. I'd also like to note that I'm using terminology from the Prima Guide, so if you haven't read it, some stuff could get confusing.


First off, Alicia:



Name: Alicia Melchiott

Series: Valkyria Chronicles

Debut: 2008

Appears on: PS3, PSP, Browser

Fighting Game Archetype: Keepaway

Specialty: Marksmanship, tactical command


 PlayStationSquare.png ,  PlayStationSquare.png ,  PlayStationSquare.png : Quick Pistol

  • Properties: 3 shots fired, mashable. Hold down to fire a single bullet with added strength (basically, Alicia aims better)
  • Hit Effect and AP-Gain: 5, 5, and 10 AP for all 3 shots for a total of 20, 25 AP for a charged round and standard hit-stun on each shot; a charged round causes an Eject Tornado on hit. Has 7 character-lengths of area covered.
  • Timing: Instant. Lasts for a little over a second during all 3 shots.

(Air)  PlayStationSquare.png : Air Quick Pistol

  • Properties: Bullets have the same properties as Quick Pistol, including charging a single round. Fires diagonally downward and briefly slows falling.

 or  PlayStationSquare.png : Grenade Toss

  • Properties: Is tossed within 3 character-lengths and doesn't bounce, and can be held down to throw further, up to 10 character-lengths (to put this into perspective, Nathan Drake's grenade toss bounces at 5.5 character lengths and explodes at 10 if it doesn't excounter a wall).
  • Hit Effect and AP-Gain: 15 AP, causes Lift on explosion.
  • Timing3-second fuse.

(Air)  or  PlayStationSquare.png : Air Grenade Toss

  • Properties, Hit Effect and AP-Gain: Has the same properties as ground Grenade Toss. Is thrown immediately beneath Alicia. 

 + PlayStationSquare.png (Ground and Air): Randgrizer

  • PropertiesFires in an upward arc with over half a screen’s worth of height on San Francisco for a total of 10 character-lengths covered. Explodes on contact with enemy.
  • Hit Effect and AP-Gain: 15 AP, causes Lift on hit or explosion
  • Timing1½ -second fuse if it hits the ground.

 + PlayStationSquare.png : Evasion

  • Properties: Alicia drops to the ground, gaining a brief invincibility-state. Alicia may perform any get-up actions during this state. 
  • Cancels Into: Quick Pistol.
  • Timing: Instant, and can last for about a second.

 (Air)  + PlayStationSquare.png : Air Evasion

  • Properties: Causes Alicia to drop faster. In mid-air, Alicia gains 20 AP of Super-Armor and her defense is increased slightly.
  • Cancels Into: May charge a round of the Quick Pistol Shot or Ragnaid Canister while falling.


Note: Multiple orders can be stacked upon each other and are impossible to interrupt. If an Assist Fighter dies, they can be rescued but can’t enter the battle for 15 seconds.


PlayStationTriangle.pngPlayStationTriangle.pngPlayStationTriangle.pngPlayStationTriangle.pngPlayStationTriangle.png : Aim Rifle

  • Properties: Tap for a single fast shot, fired forward or mash for a series of rounds after the initial shot (fired in the same direction). Doing this attack plants Alicia firmly in the place she's standing. Quick mashed shots have a character-length of 10 while an aimed (charged) round gains 5 extra character-lengths in distance for a total of 15.
  • Hit Effects and AP-Gain: 5 AP per shot, 20 AP for an aimed round. A series of rounds trap the victim in a Hit-Stun flurry and causes an Eject Roll on finish
  • Note: Hold down to aim the first shot (has no sight-line) with mashable rounds available afterwards. This charged shot can be held indefinitely.
  • Timing: Is a few frames slower than Quick Pistol, but basically pretty fast (about the same as Radec and Jak's rifle shots). It lasts up to 4 seconds if all shots are fired.

(Air) PlayStationTriangle.pngPlayStationTriangle.pngPlayStationTriangle.png : Air Rifle Fire

  • Properties, Hit Effects and AP-Gain: Bullets have the same properties as an un-charged Aim Rifle, including firing forward. Is mashable: Alicia immediately clicks off up to 3 shots or as many as she can manage under her firing rate until she reaches the ground.

 + PlayStationTriangle.png (Ground and Air): Call Rosie (Order)

  • Properties: Summons an Assist Fighter who will follow closely behind Alicia for 15 seconds before pulling out. On Summon, Rosie will fire her machine gun. If Rosie is already out, this command causes her to fire her machine gun forward wherever she’s standing. This comes with a bit of auto-aim in that she'll only fire at the nearest enemy (but will still fire forward at all times).
  • Air PropertiesUsed in the air, Rosie is summoned below Alicia. While Rosie is in the air, this order instead fires her Flamethrower, fired in a broad 90 degree downward-vertical arc.
  • Hit Effects and AP-Gain: Machine gun fires forward at 7 character-lengths for 15 AP. Traps enemies in Hit-Stun Flurry.
  • Timing: Rosie appears instantly. Machine gun and flamethrower are instant and the machine gun lasts ½ a second.
  • Note: Unlike Mr. Zurkon, this assistant can potentially be juggled like a normal fighter (80 health)

 or  + PlayStationTriangle.png (Ground and Air): Call Largo (Order)

  • Properties: Summons an Assist Fighter who will follow closely behind Alicia for 15 seconds before pulling out. . On Summon, Largo will launch his Anti-Tank Lance. If Largo is already out, this command causes him to launch his Anti-Tank Lance wherever he’s standing. This comes with a bit of auto-aim in that he'll only fire at the nearest enemy.
  • Air PropertiesUsed in the air, Largo is summoned below Alicia. While Largo is in the air, this order causes Largo to launch his Anti-Tank Lance to the ground below.
  • Hit Effects and AP-Gain: Anti-Tank Lance fires forward at 10 character-lengths before exploding in mid-air for 20 AP. Causes an Eject Tornado on hit.
  • Timing: Largo appears instantly. Anti-Tank Lance is instant and travels as fast as an RPG round.
  • Note: Unlike Mr. Zurkon, this assistant can potentially be juggled like a normal fighter (100 health).

 + PlayStationTriangle.png (Ground and Air):  Sniper Support (Order)

  • Properties: Enemies standing closest to Alicia are fired on with auto-aim. Area fired-on is indicated by an on-screen reticle.
  • Hit Effects and AP-Gain: Only able to target one enemy for 10 AP. Causes a Crumple-State on hit.
  • TimingThe reticle appears at 1¾ of a second and requires a 2½ second wait before the shot is fired.


PlayStationCircle.png (Ground and Air): Awaken Potential (Order)

Properties: Causes 1 of 3 Potentials to randomly activate between Mysterious Body, Undodgeable Shot or Resist Crossfire. Unlike other orders, these three can't be stacked.

  • Mysterious Body gains a steady flow of AP at a maximum of 30 if Alicia isn’t hit.
  • Undodgeable Shot gives all Alicia's firearm attacks auto-aim and an attack-boost (Quick Pistol and Aim Rifle).
  • Resist Crossfire gives a small amount of Super Armor and prevents AP-Loss against one AP-damaging attack.
  • Timing: Mysterious Body goes for 10 seconds (a rate of 3 AP a second), Undodgeable Shot works once, Resist Crossfire is active for 15 seconds. There's a 15 second wait between uses of Awaken Potential.

 + PlayStationCircle.png (Ground and Air): Unit Forward

  • Properties: Sends the closest active unit forward by 5 character-lengths until ordered otherwise (this assumes the player is facing right).

 + PlayStationCircle.png (Ground and Air): Fall Back

  • Properties: Recalls the closest active unit to Alicia’s side (this assumes the player is facing right).

  + PlayStationCircle.png (Ground and Air): Retreat (Order)

  • Properties: Causes the most damaged Unit currently in play to escape from battle.
  • Note: The same unit can’t be recalled for however damaged they were at a rate of 1 second per 10 AP.

 + PlayStationCircle.png : Ragnaid Canister (Order)

  • Properties: Heals One nearby Unit’s health up to 50 AP. Can also be used to buff a unit’s health past their normal level, Rosie up to 125 and Largo 145 (this applies to the next time they are summoned). In story-terms, Welkin is activating the Defense Boost Order.
  • TimingRequires 2 seconds.
  • Note: Must be grounded to use; while in the air, wait time for Canister use is used up in falling time.


 or  + Throw: Alicia makes a point-blank headshot with her rifle.
 + Throw: Either Largo or Jann if Largo is unavailable point-blank blasts the ground beneath the victim with the Anti-Tank Lance, sending them into a Full Launch.
 + Throw: Either Rosie or Edy if Rosie is unavailable blasts the enemy with the Flamethrower, causing a Crumple-State.


Block: Alicia hides behind a Sandbag. Being near Largo or Rosie has them hide behind the sandbag as well, buffing their defense. Alicia is allowed to use Aim Rifle under this state as well.
Dodge: A simple roll.
Air Dodge: Alicia clutches her rifle while falling.


Level 1 Super: Squad 7 Team Attack (150 AP cost)

  • Properties: Alicia, Largo and Rosie attack together, however the Anti-Tank Lance round explodes in mid-air even sooner due to Alicia firing on it. In story terms, Welkin is activating the All Units Attack Order.
  • Timing: Lasts 2½ seconds, just a bit less than Ratchet's RYNO.
  • Note: If Largo or Rosie are unavailable, Jann and Edy will substitute for them.

Level 2 Super: Entering Combat (450 AP cost)

  • Properties: The Edelweiss appears on one side of the field (wherever Alicia is closest to) with Alicia standing atop it, gunning down enemies that get close with interception fire from the tank's mounted machine guns or firing a Tank Shell with the PlayStationSquare.png and PlayStationCross.png buttons or a Mortar round with the PlayStationTriangle.png and PlayStationCircle.png buttons. Tank Shell rounds are unlimited while the Edelweiss has access to 2 Mortar rounds.
  • Timing: Lasts 4½ seconds.
  • Special Controls: Aim with the left control stick
  • Attack Properties: Tank shells have no maximum drop-off range and will travel quite fast. Mortar rounds travel in an arc and leave a massive explosion.

Level 3 Super: Valkyrian Awakening (750 AP cost)

  • Properties: Alicia wields the lance and shield of the Valkyria, upping her running and jumping speed by a massive amount and letting her use the blue flame of the Valkyrur.
  • Special Controls + PlayStationCross.png becomes a short hop that tranverses her along the ground quickly.  PlayStationSquare.png swings her lance 3 times; the aerial version has her enter a rapid-spin that ends in her stabbing downward as she falls, covering a massive area. PlayStationTriangle.png sends a gatling beam of blue energy blasts that spreads over a wide area that covers 90 degrees of space and PlayStationCircle.png fires a massive beam of light that forces her to stand still while using it and it takes a second to warm up.
  • Attack Properties: The Lance swing is quick and covers an exceptionally wide area (relative to Alicia's size). The beam attack has no drop-off range and is 2 character-lengths wide. The Gatling beam covers 10 character-lengths of distance across 45 degrees.
  • Timing: Lasts 12 seconds.


Intro 1: Squad 7, Move Out!

  • Welkin’s voice says “Squad 7, move out!” over the com while Alicia is starring into her binoculars.

Intro 2: Moving Out

  • Welkin’s voice says “Eliminate all targets!” while Alicia gets up from a grounded position to point her pistol at the screen.

Intro 3: My turn, okay!?

  • Alicia walks up, re-adjusts her bandanna and loads her rifle.

Intro 4: The 7’s have arrived

  • Largo and Rosie show up to look intimidating. Alicia is between them both, aiming her rifle.


Note: The Edelweiss pulls up behind Alicia during all of these.


Outro 1: Operation Complete

  • Welkin’s voice says “Operation Complete” over the com while Alicia nods confidently (similar to if she had just eliminated an enemy).

Outro 2: For New Life

  • Alicia scatters several Lion’s Paw seeds to the wind.

Outro 3: Another victory for the 7’s

  • Largo and Rosie do their respective victory poses as Alicia cheers.

Outro 4: An inhuman power

  • Alicia’s hair starts to turn silver while her eyes glow red.


Taunt 1: Scouted

  • Alicia pulls out her binoculars, indicating the enemy a moment later.

Taunt 2: Another Action Complete

  • Alicia reloads her rifle.

Taunt 3: Baked fresh!

  • Alicia quietly munches on a piece of bread, offering some to the opponent.


Secondary Costume: Bruhl Town Watch uniform


Victory Music 1: An abridged version of the standard Operation Complete music.

Victory Music 2: A snippet of the final crescendo of A Love Passed On (Orchestral).


I like to make PSASBR move-sets. Here's a few:

Dart.jpg Daedalus.png Selvaria.jpg Alicia.png Dante.png Ellen.jpg

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Re: Alicia Melchiott Move-Set (Valkyria Chronicles)

Jan 6, 2013

'm actually replaying VC right now.  Such an amazing game.  I applaud your creativity here so much.  You took a lot of time to think the moves out quite a bit.  Your Intros are absolutely perfect.  And I love that you put the ground drop evasion in there.  I guess if I had to critique something, 2 things come to mind.  First, I think the Edelweiss Level 2 Super lasts a really short time for a level 2, so I'm assuming it's powerful enough to basically guarantee instant death for everyone.  Second, I don't care for her circle moves at all(minus the Ragnite Heal).  I'd rather have Rosie or Largo either move more on their own, or have them come out for one attack.  I get you were going for the command aspect from the game, but it makes it feel like I lost one whole button off the controller with the current circle set up.  If you don't have squad mates out, your circles are useless.  None the less, I can't commend you enough, and great job Smiley Happy[/img]">
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Re: Alicia Melchiott Move-Set (Valkyria Chronicles)

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Jan 7, 2013

Rudrose wrote:

I'd rather have Rosie or Largo either move more on their own, or have them come out for one attack.

You mean like Fat Princess?


I never though of it that way, honestly. I just assumed players would have Rosie and Largo out as often as possible. I didn't really want to make their A.I. all that smart, or they'd be too powerful. Maybe the whole concept is too complicated for a fighter?


I'm also not really what I'd do with the circle attacks otherwise (I think I've maxed out everything she does).


On another note, The Edelweiss kills anything that gets near it almost instantly with auto-aimed interception fire, leaves a wide explosion witht the mortars and fires some pretty fast projectiles. Also, since Alicia hops atop the thing, it's nearly impossible to interrupt unless you're using a Super and she jumps into it as she's activating the thing (you could throeretically try to hit her with a distince-Super from afar, but she's often too high off the ground and in most cases the Edelweiss will win at ranged combat). I made it as expensive as Clank Goes Commando for how powerful I believe it is.


I suppose I could either make it 8 seconds, like Clank Goes Commando to help it get more kills or keep it as-is and make it less expensive.


I like to make PSASBR move-sets. Here's a few:

Dart.jpg Daedalus.png Selvaria.jpg Alicia.png Dante.png Ellen.jpg

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Re: Alicia Melchiott Move-Set (Valkyria Chronicles)

Jan 18, 2013

I've only played VC2 but this sounds really well done.

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Re: Alicia Melchiott Move-Set (Valkyria Chronicles)

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Jan 18, 2013

Thanks. You outta try the first one. It's a masterpiece.


It's funny how Selvaria's move-set seems to have gotten more attention. I wanted her to represent the action-side of VC with Alicia on the more tactical side. I guess action just works better for a fighter.


I like to make PSASBR move-sets. Here's a few:

Dart.jpg Daedalus.png Selvaria.jpg Alicia.png Dante.png Ellen.jpg

Never say I don't contribute: I'm The Idea Man.

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Re: Alicia Melchiott Move-Set (Valkyria Chronicles)

May 17, 2013

When Largo comes in he needs to scream YEAH! VEGETABLES!!!! and go nuts.

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