Feb 23 2013
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Akuma movelist if added as DLC

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Square= Akuma performs a karate chop that knocks enemy's back. 20AP

Forward square= Akuma does a hadouken. 10AP

Up and square= Akuma does a shoryuken you can combo after too. 30AP

Down and square= Akuma slams his feet down launching players in the air. 25AP


Triangle= Akuma slaps a player with a roundhouse. 25AP

Forward triangle= Akuma performs the tatsumaki senpukya. 30AP

Down and triangle= Akuma moves forward hitting a player twice with his feet.

Up and triangle= Akuma hops and moves his foot in a diagonal way.


Circle= Akuma jumps and the following can be entered. Square to smack the enemy down 30AP. Triangle to throw someone onto other players 20AP for 1 player 60AP for 2 players hit. And circle for a slide 20AP.

Up and circle = Akuma perfoms a focus attack. 40 AP if fully charged.

Down and circle= Akuma shoots a fiery hadouken. 20AP

Forward and circle= Akuma teleports forward

Back and circle= Akuma teleports backward



LV1= Akuma teleprts to a player and kills them if all players are hit the screen turns black and akuma says ''Shoosh''

LV2= Akuma jumps and slams his fist causing a shockwave appearing infront and behind him grwat for the invasion level.

LV3= Akuma uses his dark Hadou to kill Players all hits kill

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