Feb 05 2013
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Adjust Jak Please!!!

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He's AP generation is decent, it's just lame some of his moves completely outshine his others that it makes no sense to use them.


Maybe redistribute how AP is gained on Jak???  


For example, while the Peacemaker is good for aerial targets, Jak is better of just getting above and using the Wave Concussor or Jet Board since they are that much more effective.


I say these things because I love Jak, but I really want to use everything else more frequently, and not just for niche control purposes.

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Re: Adjust Jak Please!!!

Feb 5, 2013

Ive Got to dissagree with you. I use all his moves pretty effeicently. the only useless move i can say is his up and circle. It just takes too long to go and it isnt even worth comboing around.


His lvl 1 is my favorite to use. so satifying to use. His lvl 2, while not as amazing as everyone elses, still works as it should, and his lvl 3 is a ok for 6 kills.


Jak is fine

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