Jan 12 2013
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Addressing Kill Confirms Once and For All

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A lot of people don't realize that just about every attack in this game is easily punishable by block + follow up attack or grab (this goes for all attack based kill confirms). But hardly anyone really blocks hence the reason why so many people struggle with kill confirms.

Now im not trying to defend kill confirms at all. Heck I used to be against them as much as everyone else is. But as my skill improved I found that they have a few weaknesses that I can exploit. At this point the only main problem with them is if your character has them or not or if they're as easy or easier to pull off as your opponent's (if they have kill confirms at all). If you're in the disadvantage then this means you have to work harder and smarter than your opponent (which is nothing new in fighting games).

For example, I main with Parapppa. He has a few kill confirms, but they're all very situational and therefor unreliable for the most part. But regardless of this he has a few things working for him. Just about every move I open with him can lead to a full combo, and most importantly my opponent will expect me to ONLY go for my lv 2. The later part is VERY important, because it allows me to throw in a random lv 1 in a combo of mine, throwing my opponent off guard and landing a kill or go for one of my situational set ups without him/her realizing it all while continuing to build up for my lv 2. This will then put more pressure on my opponent thus shaking him/her up and possibly throwing their game off (which can lead to my victory). Essentially the lack of a good kill confirm makes parappa more unpredictable and flexible in the right hands.

Yeah sure some characters have it easier than others, but this is a double edge sword for both types. The easier characters start off strong but become way more predictable as players get better and advanced characters start off weak but become more unpredictable as players get better.

So in short, remember every strong move has a weak point (no matter how large or small), and every character has strengths and weaknesses. Just take time to learn all of them while mastering the basics and you'll be fine. This game has a lot of depth (more than any of us expected I bet), just keep messing around with.
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