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Addressing Jak

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We all have our opinions on the game's balance and who should receive nerfs and buffs and whatnot; however, I'm taking time to address one of the two characters I play in this game: Jak. Ultimately, Superbot will adjust the game as they see fit, but perhaps they'll run across this post and agree with some of the ideas within it. First up, I don't believe Jak needs an AP generation boost overall. It's my experience that he reaches his L1 and L2 at reasonable speeds most matches (we all have those matches where we just can't get anything going such that we're a minute in and only just hitting L1, but those don't count). However, as my brother has often commented (he plays Parappa), it seems like Jak has a bit of trouble getting over the L2 to L3 hurdle. So, it appears instead that his L3 may be overpriced given his current AP generation despite costing the same as other, similar L3s. Overall, the proposals below are focused on evening out his AP generation some, improving quality of life, and fixing what appears to be a bug.


Please note that all AP figures currently in the game are taken from Shoryuken's wiki.


- Light Jak: Cost reduced. Right now it's 750 AP. Perhaps 650-700 is more appropriate?


- Dark Jak's Dark Bomb: Leaping animation shortened or screen freeze duration extended. It's simply far too easy to react to this super's activation right now. There are other L2s that have this problem as well (Radec's L2 being jumpable on reaction at point blank range comes to mind. I'm sure the Radec I revealed that to during a match was fairly salty). Also, the bomb now detonates even if Dark Jak lands in water. I actually had Franzea eat a L2 before when the ground changed to water AFTER Dark Jak had already leaped.


- Precursor Legacy: Hurt box shortened to only Jak's waist, legs, and feet. (he would have upper body invincibility essentially, allowing his L1 to be the anti-air super it's clearly meant to be instead of losing out to so many diving attacks). Also, the hit box of the eco tube should be increased to cover the eco tube's entire graphic.


- Daxter Spin Kick (Neutral Square): The initial spins of both the ground and air version now draw in instead of push back increasing the likelihood of the final, ejecting spin connecting. Also, AP generation of the air and ground versions changed to match each other. Either, the ground one is increased to 30 AP, or the aerial one is decreased to 20 (Shoryuken has it listed s 22, but all super costs are multiples of 5. Most AP gains should be as well).


- Dashing Forward Punch (Side Square+Square): Window to input the followup command increased.


- Jet Board Dash (Side Square+Square in air): Window to input the followup command increased. Hit stun of the initial attack increased so that victims should no longer enter recovery before the followup attack connects sometimes. Hit box of the followup command increased to include Jak's entire body so that it should no longer miss targets standing beside walls or at the edges of ledges.


- Arc Wielder (Neutral Triangle): Ground and air version now hit a maximum of three times for 5 AP each hit.


- Air Blaster (Side Triangle in air): Jak no longer falls while firing.


- Peacemaker (Up Triangle): I've seen many people request an AP buff for this, but the reality is that all but two stuns in the game generate 5 AP. The exceptions both generate 10 AP. Sorry guys, but Peacemaker is fine the way it is, since it's consistent with most other stuns in the game.


- Beam Reflexor (Down Triangle): AP generation of each shot doubled to match Jak's Blaster attack. Landing all three shots now applies the same somersault ejection property as Jak's Blaster attack. For the purposes of triggering the somersault ejection, Beam Reflexor hits do not stack with Blaster hits. Range increased to be more or less identical to one of Ratchet's Buzz Blades.


- Gyro Burster (Neutral Circle): Now requires 40 AP worth of damage to destroy. The person who destroys it now receives 10 AP also. The aerial version's shots now travel until striking an enemy player or the terrain.


- Needle Laser (Side Circle): Bug fixed that prevented all three needles from delivering AP when striking one or more targets simultaneously. Each needle now generates 5 AP (total of 15 AP if all three connect).


- Mass Inverter (Up Circle): Lasts slightly longer and launches slightly lower such that Jak should be able to follow up the ground version with his L1 with good timing (think Evil Cole's Up Grab into L1).


- Wave Concussor (Down Circle): Charged version now pushes back opponents less on launch and guard break such that it should be easier for Jak to land followup attacks.


Overall, I do not believe these changes will overpower or break Jak. I really don't even believe they'll affect his overall strength relative to the rest of the cast if they also receive bug fixes and quality of life improvements (and the odd buff where needed). However, feel free to comment. I have thick skin.

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Re: Addressing Jak

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Jan 5, 2013

Seems ok, but I could have sworn I was getting 30 ap from ground neutral square yesterday.




Just tested and it gives 30 ap but not all hits connect with all characters. Can also get a tiny bit more than 30 ap sometimes with the extra hit where daxter flies over.

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