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A thread for you guys

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I feel really bored right now so I had an idea, I like doing research about gaming and sense not all characters are revealed I want you guys to ask about a character and I will do some research to see if I can get as close to a definitive answer for you Smiley Happy . I already explained Crash so don't ask for him or anyone leaked. 





The reason that this took quick it's because I have bad news for you friend, you're gonna have to wait for the next game.


The reasoning behind that: Ratchet and Clank already represent the series and they probably aren't going to have too people for one game series untill the sequel is made. Dr.Nefarious does have a high probability for the sequel however because that's when they will add more characters from the same series (Like SSB). Another reason is beacuse he isn't really the most requested for this game.


Final Conclusion for Dr. Nefarious is: Wait untill the next game. 


2. Gex

Gex is a strange case, he is a somewhat requested character, but he has always been a 3rd party character.

With the leak in mind and the remaining characters left(only a few), I have to say no to Gex and here is why:


Gex was actually a 3DO exclusive for a little with the Playstation port of his first game coming later. Now you may say, "Isn't that like Crash? Crash is 3rd party." but he isn't as requested and isn't as associated with the Sony brand. Although I do think he could be a cool addition to the game, I don't think he is there. He does have a case for the sequel after SB gets the "Sony character roster" down, I think he could be in the sequel, sorry :smileysad:


Final Conclusion for Gex: No, with a possibility for the sequel.


3.Cloud Strife

Cloud seems obvious and this will take a little to explain, but my conclusion ends with a scale, because sadly, I can't get a definitive answer to this(which has pros and cons).


Cloud first appeared in FF VII which is a great PS1 exclusive and is even considered to be one of the best FF games. There was a PC port a year later technically making this game 3rd party, but it is lesser known about which is a good thing. Now Cloud being the main protagonist of this game boosts his chances of getting in this game. He is also a character who gets requested A LOT which helps greatly because SB said fan suggestions is what kind-of builds this roster. Paul Gale also has a hint that leads toward him. However I have no definitive proof he is here that is why I have to use a scale from 1-10.


Final Conclusion for Cloud Strife: 8/10, 8 means really likely :smileyhappy: , but there still is an off-chance :smileysad: . 


4.Lara Croft

Lara Croft, contrary to popular belief, Lara was never a Playstation exclusive character, and in recent years has gone farther away from the Sony brand. I do have to use a scale again but............


With Tomb Raider being on multiple platforms, it puts Lara into the 3rd party disadvantage category, however this is kind-of lifted with the "new-game-hype-builde category" :smileytongue: witch allows for her to be put in to hype up the new game. She is a somewhat requested character and for being a PS1 classic character, she gets boosts in her probability. There is one, major, major problem though.......She has too many games that haven't sold all that well in regards to some other characters witch lowers the popularity ratio from her to other character. That being said, I think she is a strong sequel contender. 


The Final conclusion to Lara Croft is: 5/10 :smileysad: , 5 means she is as likely to get in the game as she is as likely to be unincluded.



Etna, I really don't have much to say becuase the disgea games are  Playstation exclusive but not well known and the are relativly newer then some, so I do have a definitive answer........


Etna is the main character of an exclusive game, but it is newer (PS2) and I have not seen her requested until you requested her. She is the main character but with the lack of requests and popularity, her chances are kind of diminished.


The Final Conclusion For Etna: No :smileysad: , sorry.


6. Lightning

With my Cloud prediction already out, this character comes into direct conflict with it, which is the reason why I have to scales for this character......


Lightning is in a non-exclusive FF, FF XIII, so this gives her the 3rd party disadvantage. She does have 3 hints on the Paul Gale sight thought, which helps a lot. She also is a highly requested character, and with the past of Sony and FF, this gives her more of a chance. Lightning is also an easy character to make a moves list too, which I think gives her a little more of an advantage. If Cloud os confirmed, her chances go down the preverbial toilet, if he is deconfirmed, they sky-rocket.


Final Conclusions for Lightning: With Cloud: 2/10 :smileysad: , 2 means basically deconfirmed.

   Without Cloud: 8/10 :smileyhappy:




Spiderman is an interesting case, in my opinion he is the super hero with the most chance so I do have a scale for this one, WHAT?!?! Yeah I do......


Spiderman, associated with Marvel, not Sony so that kind of lowers his chances. His most famous game and the game that is regarde as possibly the best super hero game of all time is mostly associated with Sony, now he is not really requested at all and he doesn't really fit in this game. I think his chances also go down because people think he belongs in MvC more.


The Final Conclusion for Spiderman: 3/10, most likely not, but there is a small, small chance :smileysad: . 



TY! I really remeber him, I played the second game in the hospital whil recovering from a broken arm. I have a scale, and I think you may like it.......


Ty, He is a 3rd party character, however as soon I saw his photo I associated him with Playstation so it kind of evens out, he is 3rd party, but most recognized with Playstation. He is a newer character then some, so that lowers his chances a little but not much. It would also be easy to design a moveset for him and 1 Paul Gale hint points to him. If he is not in this game, and the requests for him go up for the sequel, he is a shoe in for the sequel in my opinion. 


Final Conclusion for Ty: 6/10, He is kind of likely to get into this game :smileyhappy:


9. Johnny Napalm

Johnny Napalm...... I guess that's it for the intro :/


Johnny isn't a 1st pary character, and he really isn't associated with Sony. That Guitar Hero character probably won't transition well into a fighting game, which also lowers his chances. The character is also not really a main character, you could really use any character from the series to represent it. The series is also killed off, which means the hype for the game is kind of gone. 


The Final Conclusion for Johhny Napalm: No :smileysad: , sorry, but he does have a shot at the sequel Smiley Happy


10. Spyro

Spyro is basically the same as Crash


The Spyro that is requested is the 1st party one, and is the 2nd most requested right behind Crash so that means he is pretty likely to be in. The games that were memorable were th PS1 ones, which were also the exclusives. With Crash almost guarenteed I can basically make the same call for Spyro.


Final Conclusion for Spyro: 9/10, If he isn't in, I'll be surprised. Smiley Happy


11. Specter from Ape Escape

Now sense it was specifically asked not for playability, just for appearence this is really short.


Spike is in the game, which means Specter has a likely cameo.


Final Conclusion for Specter Cameo: 8/10 Smiley Happy


12. Rayman

Yeah Rayman! Remeber him, of cource you do, he is a highly requested character and is mostly associated with Playstation, P.S I think you will be happy Smiley Happy


Rayman has always been third party, but back in the day, he was mostly associated with Playstation. He did have a huge knock-down in popularity when the Rayman Raving Rabids started, but that doesn't hurt him, why, because of his new games. Yes! He does get the "new-game-hype-builder" for his new game coming out, Rayman Origins, and his most recent one too. Also, he is owned by an awesome company, Ubisoft, which is usually pretty friendly with Sony. He is also super requested too.


Final Conclusion for Rayman: 9/10, If he is not in this game, I will be surprised, but that means he is guarenteed a sequel spot.


13. Monkey

Monkey from enslaved, now he isn't all that requested and he is 3rd party, but does he overcome those odds to make it?


Yes as I said before Monkey is from Enslaved, a relativly newer 3rd party game for PS3 and the 360. He isn't as requested as I would like because he seems like a cool character for this game. All of those downgrade him. With the other Ninja Theory character there, I think it improves his chances, I think it sets up a rival for him. 


Final Conclusion For Monkey: 7/10, He could be here in this game, but don't get your hopes up too high, but do get them very high for a sequel, shhh spoilers Smiley Wink .


14. Prince of Persia

The prince is a very strange case.....


The Prince did not start on Playtation consoles, he was third party in the SNES days and still is today, which is strange, anytime I hear of his original games, I personally associate them with Playstation, so it evens out. The Prince is a requested character which helps and he fits one of Paul Gale's hints. This is probably the toughest call with a character I've had to make yet.


The Final Conclusion for The Prince of Persia: 7/10, same as above. Smiley Happy


15. Amaterasu from Okami

Amatersu is a pretty unique character, and was 1st party for awhile, but does her ties with MvC3 hold her back from this title?


Like I said, she was 1st party for a while, for about 2 years to be exact. Most people associate her with Playstation I think, but she is also in another fighting game, which I think satisfies fans enought, which is why I don't see her request a whole lot. She is also relativly newer and she isn't as well know as some other Sony chracters, because she isn't really a character that comes to mind when you hear Playstation. 


Final Conclusion for Amaterasu: 4/10, not likely in this game, maybe a sequel Smiley Sad , sorry.


16. Tiny Tank

Tiny Tank is a really cool idea for a game character and a cool 1st part PS1 game, but without the fame, requests, and simplistic transition, sorry to say this one is short and definitive. Smiley Sad


Tiny Tank, an autonomous yellow tank, which is really cool. The character though is not really all that popular for a PS1 classic and is not really all that requested. The non-simplistic transition to a fighting game is bad too, becuase all of the characters are huminoid or cartoon characters, which makes it hard for Tiny Tank to integrate into this game without being OP or UP.


Final Conclusion for Tiny Tank: No Smiley Sad , sorry, the is a possible shot at a sequel, but don't get your hopes up too high.


17.Dart Feld

Dart is a pretty cool character with some cool moves, and seemingly easy transition into a fighting game.


Dart is a 1st person RPG character from the PS1 days. This means he fits 2 Paul Gale hints and he would make a good rival for Cloud or Lightning(whichever makes it). There is a serious handicap to Dart, he isn't as popular as some international characters and he is not as requested. He is an obscure character to, since he isn't the only playable character in his games. 


Final Conclusion for Dart Feld: 6/10, with a high possibility for a sequel. Smiley Happy


18. Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head is another strange case, a highly requested character from a 1st party game, however he is not the main character.....


Pyramid Head is a 1st party supporting character from the Silent Hill games, first appearing in Silent Hill 2 for the PS2 exclusivly. The character is also not the playable character in the game, which is the most likely to represent the series. This does put a handicap on his chances of getting in this game. He is however a strong contender for a sequel.


Final Conclusion for Pyramid Head: 5/10, with a possible sequel spot. Smiley Happy


19. Sora

Sora from Kingdom Hearts, a great Playstation Exclusive back in the day.


Sora first made his appearence in Kingdom Hearts for the PS2 exclusivly, while the 1st party of Kindom Hearts has disappeared, most people associate him with Playstation. He meets a couple of Paul Gale hints, and he is a highly requested character. With the Kingdom Hearts universe having easter eggs and cameos from FF, this makes sense for Sora and Cloud/Lightning to be easy rivals. Sora also could easily be transfered over to a fighting game like this too.


Final Conclusion for Sora: 8/10 Smiley Happy


20. Pipo Monkeys

The pipo monkes are from ape escape, and sadly that means this one is short and definitive Smiley Sad


With the confirmation of Spike, that sends the pipo monkey chances down the drain, because the Ape Escape series is already represented. They do have a shot a the sequel and a cameo in this game though.


Final Conclusion for Pipo Monkey: No, wait for the next game Smiley Sad


21. Jade

Jade is the main character from a 3rd party game series that is not as well know as it should be and she is not as requested.....


Jade is a lesser known 3rd party character which does hurt her chances of getting into the first game, however the game series doesn't have a representative, which boosts her chances a little bit. She is owned bu Ubisoft, and as I said before, they are friendly with Sony, which means licensing issues aren't a problem.


Final Conclusion for Jade: 5/10, with a good shot at the sequel. :/


22. War

War is a cool 3rd party character who isn't requested a whole lot compared to others......


War is in Darksiders, a good 3rd party game, and he is the main protagonist. They might neglect him however for Death to promote the new game, Darksiders 2. War would be easy to integrate into the fighting game, the only thing is, he is new and not requested enough for an obscure character. 


Final Conclusion for War: 3/10, Smiley Sad maybe a sequel character, sorry


23. Ezio

Ezio, everyone's favorite assassin. A lot of the good stuff I have said already applies to him, but two big bad things do too.....


Ezio, ownde by Ubisoft, has 2 Paul Gale hints to point at him, a good 3rd party character, and is often associated with Playstation over Xbox. Ezio does have two big problems however, 1. he is in a fighting game already, and 2. they might skip him to go for Conner to promote AC III. He is the best choice to represent his series as he has been in the most games for it.


Final Conclusion for Ezio: 7/10, with high hopes as a sequel character. 


24. Solid Snake

With Raiden confirmed and Solid Snake being in SSBB, this is short and definitive.


Solid Snake is a PS1 1st party classic, but MGS already had Raiden to represent and Solid Snkae is in SSBB, so fighting fans that are also MGS fans don't request him as much as they should. 


Final Conclusion for Solid Snake: 3/10 Smiley Sad , but they could replace Raiden with him in the sequel..................


25. Kat

Ah yes, the most requested new character I think, but is it enough to get her into this game..............


Kat is from a relativly newer game called Gravity Rush, not as popular as other 1st parties, she seems to get a lot of requests and it is stated that Omar likes Gravity Rush. She is also the main protagonist, however the spots are counting down, and the major reveals are coming, and I don't think she is a major reveal.


Final Conclusion for Kat: 5/10, with a good shot at the sequel.


26. Emmet Graves

Yes Emmet from the game Starhawk, a new, fresh, 1st party-er, sadly though, this one is short and definitive......


Emmet is a 1st party character, however he is not nearly requested or known enough for the first game. I think he has a good shot at the sequel, but no this game, he is too obscure and not requested enough Smiley Sad .


Final Conclusion for Emmet Graves: Wait for the next game Smiley Sad .


27. Issac Clark

Issac Clark is the cool space-character from Dead Space 1-3, now to get him in is a promotion, but is it enough........


Issac is a 3rd party character that isn't really associated with Playstation and isn't as requested as I would have liked him to be. He is newer and kind of obscure to those who haven't played Dead Space, but the new Dead Space coming out does boost his chances because they want to promote him and the game, however in my opinion this isn't enough for a big reveal slot like some others on this list. 


Final Conclusion for Issac: 3/10, maybe a sequel sorry Smiley Sad


28. Wanderer

Wanderer, a character from one of the best PS2 games of all time, Shadow of The Colossus, but is he hyped up enough?


Wanderer is a great 1st party character, and would seemlessly transition into a fighting game, but for some reason, I haven't seen people request him like they should Smiley Mad (stern face for not requesting Wanderer). Like I said, he isn't really hyped up and not a lot of people who are requesting other characters know enough about him to request, which makes me sad becuase he would be awesome in this game.


Final Conclusion for Wanderer: 5/10, wait for the sequel k? Smiley Sad


29. Croc

Yes, Croc, the best crocodile on the PS1, and he was 1st party, does he make it for PSASBR?


Croc, he is highly requested for an obscure character which really helps him because that puts him at high demand. Croc is also 1st party and 1 Paul Gale hint points toward him. He is also like Crash as he has done nothing the past couple of years and people wnat him back for this game. This boosts his chances a lot. His series is obviously not represented yet and to celebrat Playstation's past, he would be a great included character. The high requests and obscurity also lead me to believe he is a big reveal.


Final Conclusion for Croc: 9/10 Smiley Happy


30. Tomba

Tomba, a PS1 1st party-er which was later ported to PSN, but is he requested enough or hyped up enough.......


Tomba was a great game on the PS1 and Tomba was the main character(no really), he is a 1st party character and he is requested, but only average-ly (idk how else to say it). He isn't really hyped up, but they could want to promote the new Tomba! game that was ported onto the PSN. 


Final Conclusion for Tomba: 7/10, if not in he has a strong shot for the sequel.

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Aug 4, 2012

do Dr. Nefarious! I so want him in!

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Aug 4, 2012

gex Smiley Happy

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Aug 4, 2012

1. Dr.Nefarious

then 2. Gex

I'll get right on it.


[Edit] then Cloud

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Then war and that's it for me

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Aug 4, 2012
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etna (disgaea)

dart (legend of dragoon)

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Cloud, Lara Croft.
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for everybody saying Lara croft sorry but i think she was disconfirmed already

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