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Re: A question about DLC's for PSASBR

Mar 25, 2013

Oh wow! This debate is my fault, sorry, this is a topic that never ends...


...aaaaannnd now I need to add my 2 cents, I can't stop it:


I have Wii-U, 360, PS3, and everything before, you name it. I have found more value in Xbox Live Gold than PS3. Basically, I have Nintendo consoles for Nintendo exclusives, Sony Consoles for Sony Exclusives, and Xbox as my 3rd party/Online machine. Everything I want for PS3 I buy when it comes out, rather than waiting and hoping for it to be free on plus and only be abel to keep it for as long as I have plus, if you use plus, the more free games you get, the more ropped in you becoem to having to keep paying if you want to keep your stuff; it's a trap. Xbox is less shady, and provides a better online experience, and no, I'm not talking about conneciton quality, I'm talking about how user friendly and social it is. PS4 looks to be trying to catch up to Microsoft so I'm hopeful there.


There's more to be said, but that's a basic overview...

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