Oct 23 2012
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A Warning for 10-23: Don't Get Your Hopes Up

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There are so many enticing possibilities for this announcement upcoming. But chances are it won't be as good as you may hope. it may be not as good as many of us even expect. Remember when they revealed the Micael Ad? Depsite its connections with PSASBR, it was still just an ad at the time. 


My philosophy is to aim for the best but expect the worst. Trust me, it makes it so much more satisfying when the the expectations are dwarfed here and there. It also makes it much easier to handle what would be even larger dissappointment.


So, my warning and suggestion (that I expect very few to actual heed) is to not get your hopes up too much. 

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Re: A Warning for 10-23: Don't Get Your Hopes Up

Oct 23, 2012

IM  not getting my hopes up, im tired of being dissapointed by this game every reveal, and after playing the beta which i love i dont want to set myself up for a no crash, or cloud reveal that may not happen, at this point im just thinking it will be advertisment for the game.

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