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Re: 6/10 Review that sort of makes good points (non-gameplay)

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Nov 21, 2012

Now I know people who live in fanboy land have heads of concrete but try to understand and listen anyway. Capcom owns Dante. They say this is Dante. If they used Old Dante in PASBR it would weaken their stance with new Dante. They want this to be Dante so backpedaling and going back to Old Dante for PASBR would spark up anger from fanboys asking 'Why couldn't you use Old Dante in the new game'. They say this is Dante and they don't care about what anyone else wants. And if they offered Dante to Superbot and were willing to give them him they couldn't just refuse. Do you knbow why? Because if you told your superior that you walked away from Dante when Capcom offered you him they would fire your @$$ for being stupid and idiotic. You see in he real world not taking Dante when you were offered him, even if it wasn't the original one, and going home empty handed may sound cool to a hard headed fanboy but in the business world they would tell you to go clean out your desk for wasting time and money for something so trivial. It is easy for you who isn't doing anything but waiting to play the game to say 'Forget new Dante. I woiuld have told Capcom to shove it' but you wouldn't have done that if you were working for Sony and they told you to get Dante and you came back and said 'it wasn't the right one. I wanted the Old one and they offered me the new one but I refused'.  They will ask you if you are some sort of moron or something.And to make it worse people who constantly say the Big Daddy is an advertisement for the upcoming game I believe it has been said repeatedly taht Big Daddy si NOT in the upcoming game. If they had used a 'Handyman' then you could argue that point but seeing Big Daddy is nowhere in the new game that makes your point invalid. Also How is taht part of a review? I don't get how this is relevent. Snake and Sonic are not SSB butg no one lowered the score or even mentioned it when they were reviewing the game. How bias can you be?

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