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Re: 4 Days left and not one TV AD (Darn shame)

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Nov 16, 2012

I would love to see more marketing for this game. Instead I keep seeing Black Ops and Assasins Creed.. even on Sony's own PSN. How lame is that. Even in their own PSN they don't highlight this game is what annoys me. It does not cost them money to highlight it on PSN.

I had to search for both the Beta and a week ago, search for pre-ordering the game,.. seriously this is just horrible. The new PS store search also sucks big time.

But guess what, Sony adds SingStar icon by default to all UK Playstations via firmware update. There is no way to remove it, Singstar is ALWAYS in my PS3. I'm still super **bleep** at Sony's lame tactics like this.

Seriously, Sony marketing people need to get their head examined.

Playstation God of War Stars Battle Bore y'all !!!
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