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Re: 333's Words of Wisdom for RANKED MATCHES.

Jan 14, 2013
I'm just saying, quite a bit of your info is just plain wrong and/or boosted by general ignorance (The Parappa thing being able to get 4 kills for example, only works because people don't seem to know that Parappa is literally incapable of killing anyone twice if you simply don't press buttons when you respawn. This also works for Sackboy's level 3, even though the flashing invincibility thing will look like it's gone. This is actually a graphical glitch. If you don't press buttons, he can only kill you twice.).

You're right, I was probably being rude, but to me presenting bad info as fact (Such as that GC's level 1 is easily avoidable when it has 8 hit confirms into it that I know of, one of which is on block) is the sort of false information that loses people games (Another example, though not one you used, would be that Drake's glitch is an infinite. This myth has led to people not even trying to break out of it, which you can do by literally just holding down and block, then rolling away if your far from Drake, or rolling towards him and punishing him. Yes you actually CAN punish the loop, but people don't even try because "It's an infinite".). To me that's considerably worse than some hoarse phrasing.

Also the point of my roommate comment was that he knows that to be false yet doesn't present himself as an expert. Please don't spread false info. At the very least fix your OP so that when people come in to read this they can get correct information.

Also another bit of advice to make Cole's level 3 considerably better: The tornado ALWAYS spawns in the center of the stage. If you keep your level 3 until the opponents are herded to the center, you start your super with (in FFA) 3 kills and will therefore always get at least 5 (Again, only in FFA. In 1v1 this nets you 2 kills.).

I don't mind leaving and no longer commenting on it, but please fix your OP to contain accurate information. That's really all I ask. The level of ignorance (which mind you isn't really anyone in particular's fault, but since we accept every rumor as fact without testing it, especially when multiple people end up under the same mistaken impression, we end up believing a series of lies about the game then make assumptions based on those) in this forum is detrimental to the community as a whole.

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