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Re: 20 characters topic

Oct 14, 2012

kh_fan_forever wrote:


i was at least expecting 22 but oh well, (Kat to represent the Vita Cloud to represent FF)

Oh, this is a wishlist topic. Otherwise, you wouldn't have mention any char. Cause, I'm already fine with the 20 Char Roster & any other would be extras to me. And why expect 22? Does that apply for every fighting game?


Did I expect in SSFIV:AE that there would be more than just 4 Chars? No.

Did I expect every char in TTT2? No, cause after Free DLC Chars, they did enough to get favorites.

Did I expect Mega Man in MvC3/UMvC3 or lots of classic favorites in UMvC? No, but I know his fanbase did & No for UMvC3 (only 1 did).

Did I expect the latest Virtua Fighter to equal with other fighting game rosters since VF1 8 (9 - Boss) Chars? No, after VF1 to VF5:FS, it ended up as 19 (20 - Boss) Chars because of being a Balanced Roster.


Just wait till what happens between now & release date.

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