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Dec 22 2013
By: DTX-AU First Son 1 posts

Deactivate PS4 Online

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Hi All,


Our house was recently robbed and the PS4 was one of those stolen. It was activated as the primary console. Now I've gotten a replacement PS4 and cannot activate it as my primary console. Going to the link: only tells you to deactivate it on the PS4. How can I deactivate a primary PS4 when it has been stolen? Any ideas on how to over come this?

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Fender Bender
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Re: Deactivate PS4 Online

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Dec 22, 2013

Welcome to the Playstation Forums.


Really sorry to hear about that.


You can deactivate it online.


Go to 


Log in.


Then select [Deactivate All] under [Account] > [Media and Devices] for the type of content for which you want to deactivate all activated systems.

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