Feb 22 2011
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serious upload speed issues

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I have not had a problem with this until the last couple of days.  My internet connection speed tests give me the results of 1.3-1.7mbps for download and my upload is around 80-140kbps.  Now when I do a speed test on my laptop I get downloads of 1.5-1.8 and uploads of 230-270kbps.  This is normal for my internet.  when I use the ps3 browser and do a speed test I get the same results as my laptop.  why would the uploads be so far off on the built in connection test.

I am running eastlink wireless internet, my ps3 is wired to my d-link router. all ports are open for the playstation network. but like I said everything was fine 4 days ago then the upload speeds just suck. makes playing online very skippy and my guy takes longr to respond.

Yes I have done all the tips in the knowledge base for wired connections.

any other ideas?

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