Jul 23 2011
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Recent Graphical Issues

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Alright, I could use a bit of advice.  Recently my launch 60g Phatboy (purchased release day) has been starting to act up with some texture issues.  Ill get parts of the graphics that will jut out from where they originate into oblivion.  I just picked up Assassins Creed Brotherhood and it has been happening non stop since I started playing it.  I'll get about 15 minutes in and it begins happening.  The odd thing is, I just finished Infamous 2, two playthroughs, and didn't have a single issue.  Before that however I did have a few of the same issues with the new MK game. 

I fear my big boy may be starting lose it's life.

Some additional info, in case it helps.  I keep my system in my room, it's air conditioned and the room is kept at a fairly cool temperture.  Sometimes I will turn on a small desk fan, for longer play sessions, that blow's in the direction of my ps3 to help some cooler air pass through it a little more.  I don't use air cans to blow into it, I generally vacuum out the dust as best I can. 

I know thing's don't last forever, and I've definitely put this beast through it's paces for almost 5 years now.  I'm just wondering asside from trying to pass more air through it to maybe keep it even cooler is there anything else I might try?  Or is it just gonna get worse and worse until I have to purchase a new system? 

Any suggestions/advice would be welcome!

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