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Mar 07 2009
By: rojito Treasure Hunter 7021 posts

How to: Video conversion for PS3 (Handbrake tutorial)

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I posted this in a thread to help someone out. I figure others may want to check it out if they need help converting files for the PS3.   


You can rip DVDs while maintaining video quality, full 5.1 audio, and be able to stream to your PS3. The only catch is that when you encode in h.264, it is CPU intensive and it takes about 3 hours to encode. MP4 H.264 files are playable from the PS3 harddrive.

What you need (use Google)
- Media server (Tversity or PS3 Media Serveror your choice)
- Encoder (I use Handbrake)
- DVD decrypter (I use DVD43, it's free.)

What to do This is for HDMI receivers only! See end for optical.
-Get your media server running.
-Install and open Handbrake and DVD decrypter.
-Insert DVD.
-Click Source on Handbrake and select the DVD drive and set your destination folder.
-Configure Handbrake
a. In presets column to right select PS3
b. Change output settings to MP4
c. In video tab make sure codec is H.264
d. In audio tab select for source English 5.1 AC3, Codec AAC, Mixdown 6 channel discrete. I select english subtitles with the "forced subtitles only" box checked. These are subtitles only when the director intended them eg. when someone is speaking a foreign language. 
e. Leave everything else at default, press Start and about 3 hours later you will have an MP4 file that looks great!
f. Manually enable AAC in the XMB audio settings on your PS3. The audio is decoded on the PS3 and PCM to your receiver.

You can transfer the file to your PS3 if you choose. It works fine that way without having to stream. 

For receivers with optical only, replace step d.
d. Audio settings codec "AC3"
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Re: How to: Video conversion for PS3 (Handbrake tutorial)

Mar 7, 2009
teach me how to convert mkv files with subtitles in them(.srt/.ass)
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Re: How to: Video conversion for PS3 (Handbrake tutorial)

Dec 17, 2009
This info is out of date now because Handbrake does not have PS3 presets anymore and the devs are none too enthusiastic about supporting the console.

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