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Jul 23 2011
By: PrimeTime247 First Son 2 posts

HDMI problems on 1080i TV

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I have a 1080p TV that I'd play my ps3 on when I was at school. Coming home, my parents have a 1080i TV. I've played on it before using an HDMI cable..but since coming home I've only been able to use the composite cables to get it to show up on the TV. When an HDMI cable is plugged says it detects it. But when I try to use it nothing pops up but a black screen. I know the HDMI cables work because I just tried it on the 1080p TVAny ideas why I can't get it to work? The HDMI ports on the TV work also because the DirecTV works. The system detects an HDMI connection...because it says so when I start it up. But when I hit "yes" and go to the HDMI go. I've tried the resolution reset way by holding the power button, and I've tried just doing it in the system's settings...basically I've tried everything in this thread:

Any new ideas? The system's software is up to date. Thanks a ton

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