Sep 04 2011
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Controller Battery Life Differences

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Did anyone else notice that the conroller that was bundled with thier console has a much longer life per charge then the store bought ones... The one that came with my console (God of War 3 160GB Slim) lasts me about a week and a half with me playing easily 5+ hours a day but the one that was store bought and the one I got from warranty only last me about 2-4 days.. anyone else notice that or know where i can get my hands on another one with the awesome battery life?

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Re: Controller Battery Life Differences

Sep 4, 2011

Nothing is wrong with store bought ones,unless you bought a fake one.

I have one,it lasts for about 7 hours or sometimes 2 days.And I also have the one that came with my 160gb slim Ps3,which lasts me about almost a week before recharging it.You should be careful purchasing ps3 controllers from stores,not all stores have fake ones though.My cousins have red and blue store bought controllers,they last the same amount of time as the controller that came with the ps3.Try Googling around or go to Youtube on how to spot fake controllers.

Trust me,you do not want to end up with those,piece of shit.As for where to get a real one,I have no idea,as I do not live in the U.S.

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