Jul 22 2011
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Adding Funds to the Playstation Wallet- Any one else having problems?

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Since at least Thursday I have not been able to add funds to my PSN Wallet with my credit card.  My credit card is still good.  My address has not changed and all to info in the system is up to date.  I have purchased  from the Playstation Store just a few weeks ago.  Is anyone else having issues or is it just me?

I called Customer Service.  I reentered my card info and all that and no luck.  They said my account was fine and still active. One possible explanation my be DCU Online.

I was a subscriber to that game, but I had to go out of country back in April, so I turned off Automatic Funding..  I though that the monthly subscription would expire that month and I'd just reactivated it once home.  I got back in June but have been busy, and just assumed the account was dormant.  Lat week, though I got an e-mail saying the subscription was just terminated.  So I went to renew so I could play this weekend when I encountered this problem.

I am going to way until Saturday to try again.  Maybe there was a temporary block due to the non payment (though wouldn't the service rep be able to see it?)  Still it's frustrating that it is not working.

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Re: Adding Funds to the Playstation Wallet-  Any one else having problems?

Jul 23, 2011

There is no such thing as a block due to non-payment.  Sony subscriptions require prior payment.  If there are insufficient funds in your wallet to fund a subscription renewal when it comes due, and you have no credit card on file, or you disabled automatic funding, then your subscription is canceled.  That has already happened.  No penalty is imposed on the PSN account.  If Sony can't charge you for a subscription renewal, then the subscription is canceled.  The cancellation isn't a punitive measure.  It is just business.

What error code do you get when you try to fund your wallet, and how much did you try to fund it with?

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