Jul 06 2012
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turns on then beeps 3 times and turns off

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I didn't find anything QUITE like this, so I'll post my issue:


When the power button is pressed (the controller won't turn it on- not sure if that's a symptom or other issue) it turns on.

It will then run for anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes.

During the time that it's on it's sluggish, especially right before it turns off- even the wave that's the ps3 background just twitches on the screen.

It then turns itself off.  It beeps 3 times then shuts down.

----There is no yellow light at any time during this-----


-Troubleshooting to date-

Taken the disc out so it can power up with no disc.

Used canned air to make sure there were no dust issues (never been an issue before; and really wasn't on long enough to overheat)

Took out the harddrive (it's a third party upgrade) then put it back in to make sure it was properly seated. (note: the harddrive was changed almost a year ago, so it's probably not an issue.)


We DID have a brown-out & black-out that could have sent a surge into it, though both computers and the TV haven't been harmed.  Also, it's worked each of the past 3 days since the storm with no issues until today.  It seems like damage from the storm would have started immediately...


Thanks in advance for any advice!

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