Jan 18 2013
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static cling problems? try this idea :)

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Static Cling. its funny as heck.. but hell on our PS3's because like computers our PS3's have critical components that you can NOT have static touch on. ( like your Harddrive for eg? )  and we all have to admit Static cling is EVERYWHERE. and can happen at just about any time.




Great news guys!.  ive found a cost effective way to REDUCE the amount of static stressing our ps3s out. .




to Bounce your PS3 simply take 2 used Bounce Dryer sheets and lay them out directly below the bottom of your ps3. that should help with reducing static cling and problems associated with it :smileyhappy:

Hope this Helps :smileyhappy:



(i've done that myself and so far so good  now my room smells like a dryer.. but id rather that thank a defunct drive...:smileytongue:)

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Re: static cling problems? try this idea :)

Jan 19, 2013

It would be a static discharge not cling. Also the only way a static discharge will hurt it is if you have it open and are in contact with a component. Placeing some dryer sheets under your system isnt doing anything. I take that back your process and reason for doing so made me laugh, so I guess it was not a total loss.

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