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Apr 10 2013
By: johnniethedevil8 First Son 5 posts


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I have been having the same problem for quite a while and can't find a solution or help anywhere. I have a Ps3 that has a problem playing the best I can describe is that it looks on screen like the ps3 is skipping but then shortly after the system freezes. That would be easy to fix if I hadn't checked the disc and no scratches, and I bought a new PS3 and that didn't fix the problem. I have restored the system as well it is not hardware related unless I magically got the exact same problem with a brand new system out of the box, and the same problem years after buying the first system anyone have any ideas?

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Re: problems?

Apr 10, 2013

Does this happen to one game or all the games you play.


Sounds to me that if you tried the game disk in a brand new PS3 with the same results then it's the game disk itself.

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