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Dec 12 2012
By: GamerMumof3 First Son 1 posts

multiple PS3 wireless Headsets work on one connection?

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Ok, so here's the thing - I'm a mum of 3 kids who want wireless headsets for xmas so they can hook up with their friends.  The question I have is, if I buy 3 wireless headsets - can my 3 kids hook up all in the same room and connect to their friends so all 5 players can connect??


Be kind, I'm just a mom here and have NO idea how these things work!

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Fender Bender
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Re: multiple PS3 wireless Headsets work on one connection?

Dec 12, 2012

Chat room don't support more than 1 headset on one PS3.

That headset is for the account holder that launched the chat normaly...

To have more than 1 family member having more than one headset requires another PS3


The PS EYE has a MIC in it that will pick up more than one person in range. 

The audio chat out from the other people is diverted to the TV speakers. 


You put the PS EYE in front the kids away from the TV

You have the Voice chat audio from TV.

Just like in real life having all three speak at the same time WILL be a garbled mess on the other end they still need to speek 1 at a time.


If they can't speak 1 at a time the hole thing will be pointless... as when 2 users try to speak to the third the signals get garbled together and its a mess... even with adults there needs to be organised coms..  




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Re: multiple PS3 wireless Headsets work on one connection?

Dec 13, 2012

Only one headset can be used at a time for voice chat.  Very few PS3 online games support more than one player on one PS3, so it isn't generally a problem.  The ones that do, don't rely on headsets for all of the players.

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