Oct 27 2012
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did 4.30 kill my Blu-Ray movie capability?

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After installing update 4.30, Blu-Ray movie discs do not load.  The drive clicks and spins, and then makes the "ka-thunk" sound as if it's reloading the disc, but then the movie doesn't show up on the XMB.  DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Ray game discs all seem to work normally.  Is it possible that the firmware update has a bug?  Does anyone else seem to have this problem?


(I've tried re-installing the 4.30 update using a memory stick, and using Safe Mode Option 3 to restore files, and all the suggested changes to BD play options, and even chatted with Tech Support, but the problem remains.)

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Re: did 4.30 kill my Blu-Ray movie capability?

Oct 28, 2012
I suggest you try the "Restore PS3 System" option in the system settings menu. This will restore your PS3 back to the state when you turned it on for the first time.

IMO you do have a settings corruption going on preventing Blu-Ray movie playback. Starting over from scratch may be the only way to get your PS3 working back to the way it is supposed to....
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Re: did 4.30 kill my Blu-Ray movie capability?

Oct 31, 2012

Everything about 4.30 is screwed up so I am not at all surprised that it corrupted your ability to play Blu-Ray discs. I don't think it has to do with your settings since you probably didn't change them right after the update. 

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