Feb 19 2013
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(YLOD) the good ole yellow light of death common issue needs recalled

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i have the first generation PS3 from when it first came out .  the first time that i had this problem of the YLOD was bout 8 months after i first bought it . so it was under warrany . so i got that back it worked a little longer ide say about a year then the good ole YLOD happened . so i had to send it off to playstation at my expence of $150.00 to get repaired . i again received that back and less then a year again the YLOD . at this point im really getting **bleep** with playstation so i called the 1800 number to talk to a supervisor and i told him the whole thing and he stated to me that i can pay for it to get fixed again and he will give me 2 free games. i stated to him that im not happy bout that that i shouldnt have to pay a **bleep** dime to get something fixed thats there fault . so i didnt play my playstation for a good while . till one day i got bored and did some research on the YLOD and found out that its a common issue with these older units and that there was even recalls in another country for the same problem  . ( if anyone wants that proof let me know and i'll send the link ) . i've gone as far as calling the corporate offices of playstation and even contacting the BBB as well as contacting a attorney . i was told to pull up any and all research on just this YLOD from forums , youtube , and other places on the web and iv'e found pages and pages about this issue that playstaion states that it is not a common problem .  there is a 56% failure rate on the older PS3 units generation 1  how many of those are the YLOD you wonder . playstation wont disclaim that infomation to me Hmmmmm.  for those people that dont believe that its not a commone problem here just one video on how to fix it . .youtube.com/watch?v=RcATu8ZjXZ0   . ive done it for myself to see if it worked and it did . basicaly whats happening is the unit gets hot expands and then cools down constaly which causes the soldier on the motherboard to get hairline cracks which seperates the processor or the video chip from the board . by doin this trick it will only cost you $3.00 for the thermal paste and 30 mins or less of your time .  this is why computers do not soldier there processors to there motherboards no more for this same reason . computers have slots and a lock down clip.  so for everyone that has or even had the older model units please leave a comment below . my Dad is the attorney and is goin to take this to the next step and this we promise anyone with the older units will get them recalled and givin a new one or get there money back from playstation .  each and everyday i will look at this forum and do a screen shot cause im sure that playstaion will try to stop the patition and erase this link . so if you have friends with the same problem tell them to leave comments too . thank you 


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Re: (YLOD) the good ole yellow light of death common issue needs recalled

Feb 19, 2013

Holy wall of text!!!!


I think the gist of it is you're recommending people reflow their systems. Bad idea. This is a temporary fix at best and can actually make things worse.


Nice try. Welcome to the forums.

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Re: (YLOD) the good ole yellow light of death common issue needs recalled

Feb 21, 2013

ive done it twice so far and it works fine almost just as long as when playstion repairs it. it just a temp fix but it will work for months . to truly repair it you would have to have a $5,000 machine that bakes it till the soldier melts but not to hot to do damage . pull of the proccessor , clean off the soldier connections and remeld the whle thing back together .  but not everyone has $5,000 nor do thay have $150 just sitting around at least ones a year to repiar there units . i quess you can just call it the poor mans fix Smiley Happy  . but you know it really boils down to this that playstaion knows this is a problem and thats why they redisigned  it with a better cooling system.

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