Jan 02 2013
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Widows 8 and Play Station 3 Media

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I have an HP TouchSmart Computer with Windows 8. I had Windows 7 before and all my media worked great on the PlayStation. After installing Windows 8 I tried the "seach for media servers" on the Playstation but it says it can not find server. I have rebooted all systems and modem (DSL) I have turned on Sharing on my Home Media on computer. I have Windows Media and Media Server enabled on Pl;aystation. So I read on some forums to try using PS3 Media on my computer. so I loaded it and installed Java and when I try to start it it tell me "No Renderers were found". I have uninstalled and downloaded latest version and tried again with no luck.


Now I know a little about computers, but what was as simple as clinking on "find media servers" before has now turned into an all day project! Any simple solutions? Thanks

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