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Re: Why does Sony let this happen?

Mar 26, 2009

player58 wrote:
Why do they let rumors get so out of hand? I dont really give a **bleep** about the update but wat pisses me off is that a sony rep hasnt come out and said that the update isnt happening this week. its stuff like this that **bleep**s sony up. people hear about this damn rumor so much that they start thinking that its true and then if its not released by the end of the week they get pissed just because sony couldnt say that the patch will not be released this week. it is the peoples fault for believeng the rumor but its also sony's for not coming out and denying it. I love sony and i have owned all of their consoles (ps, ps2, ps3, psp) but this is a mistake on their part.

how is this Sony's fault? They didn't start rumors, request lists, make speculations based on absolutely no information...people did, not Sony.  Thats what all you guys get for being so foolish...nothing

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