Mar 13 2013
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Twisted Metal Redeem Codes Expired and Not Used, With no ETA for a solution.

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I bought this game from AMAZON,  and came with some reddem codes.Online game redeem code  and a 2 more...They are not working, redeem codes in PS nwetwork says:  Invalid.


So I decied to call Sony and after spending 2 hours on the phone and 10 days waiting for email response of what a Supervisor asked me to do, which was to send the pictures of the Vouchers, I simply made my **bleep** of Stone waiting for a answer...never came or recieved an email back.


Today MArch 12th, 2013, I decided to call sony support, after 1 hour on the phone, the agent,said, This is  know Issue, and we are working on a solution but no ETA. So I asked for a  a Supervisor, Julia is her name and she gave me this answer:


We've confirmed the codes were expired in 2013....and not use so far, and we are working on to find out what is happening...


I asked her to send new Reedem codes, and they say, not possible since they don´'t have the tools to do it...**bleep**, I there is a tool to verify them, there must be a tool to generate them...

So I aksed, any ETA for this to get solved, to what she replied, No ETA. again, **bleep**.


My questions is: How to go around this: Sony selling Video GAmes to resellers, with redeem codes expired, with no expiration date  Printed on the Vouchers....The common sense dictates me that  they are supposed to be valid ...unless the Vouchers says so, but they don't and Sony doesn;t have a solution for this? 100 times...**bleep**...


I repetedly asked her to send an EMail, stating what she said, about no ETA; about know issue and about I SHOULD recieve en Email  with the solution....which to me saound, you will probably not...., ....The word SHOULD, leaves the door opened to the possibility of not having an email with a solution....Does it make Sence??


SO Here I am, with no solution, no SOny confirmation of what the agents and SUP said about the Known ETA on an Email for my backup....and  even worst, the possibility of not getting an email saying anything about my Service request Call....


What is this kind os Service offered??is this really happening in US...Europe and LAtin america Service....


I am pretty sure, I am not the only one having this problem, I went trough many websites and forums, one of them having a solution about this ...becuase most of poeple don\t take the time to hear this kind of of **bleep** over the phone or spending 1 Hour in a call just to get the get nowhere...


SO If any Sony Rep reads this...I would be able to hear more stupid excuses, or someone really taking owenship of this issue...

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