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Sep 04 2012
By: xIROCxZx First Son 1 posts

Tritton AX 720 Cannot hear game chat audio

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I just bought a PS3 today and I set the headset up as per what the instructions said.  


Audio Device Settings:

I have the input AND output as - TRITTON AX 720 HEADSET


Audio Output Settings:

-Optical Digital

And then I made sure Dolby Digital 5.1 Ch. was checked.  (Linear PCM 2 Ch. 44.1 kHz & Linear PCM 2 Ch. 48 kHz are both greyed out and checked)


I have game volume just fine, but I can't hear when anyone is talking.


(The only time I was able to hear game chat was when I put the Audio Device Output to "System Default Device" but is meshes the game and chat volumes together.)



Can anyone help?



P.S.  I know this headset worked, I used it on my xbox 360



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Re: Tritton AX 720 Cannot hear game chat audio

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Sep 4, 2012

Edit scrap that you said it worked on the Audio settings page. but not in game so it works on XMB but not in game.

which means its networking coms drop out.


Try a different game thats not by activision or PD 

Try the Video chat with Mic audio out via Headset... 


If both work Its a networking problem with that specific game.

If it only works via Video chat mode. Then its Game port networking Problem..  


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