Jan 12 2013
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Three PS3 system broken in 2 months!!!! :((((

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About 2 months ago The slim version froze on me and after 5 times I tried i managed to get into my profile...So i quickly went and bought the 500GB AC3 combo to copy the saves and everything to the new one through ethernet cable. I did this overnight- when I woke up in the morning it froze the transfer on 97%. Guess what- the new system was freezing every time I turned it on and so was the old one. So I went to the Game Stop and got the 500GB AC3 combo exchanged for a new one. THen I was using the replaced one  for about 40 days but not connected to the internet as I was on a cruise ship for that time working on a project. As soon as got back to Miami and logged in to my profile, I synched my trophies and started downloading purchase history. When I put a Far Cry 3 in and started playing- after an hour or so- it froze and the same story- System restore doesn't help, nothing helps....As sooon as I do system restore, synch my trophies etc, it starts freezing and doesnt' stop. Is it possible that my profile is "infected" somehow??? I'm thinking of all possible solutions but can't come up with any logical...Been using PS since PSone, Never thought of buying X**bleep** but I'm fed up...if I buy a 4th one and it still happens, I will change front sides :smileysad:

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