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Feb 23 2012
By: Se7en_Gunz First Son 31 posts

Swapping HDD from PS3 Slim to Fat PS3

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Hey guys need a lil help here from the techies. Trying a lil DIY here.

So heres the scenario

I have had my 60gb ps3 since day one, shes been fine since. Recently I played the syndicate demo, the system froze and the HDD corrupted. I've tried safe mode countless times and nothing

So here I got a PS3 slim 160gb, that was previously owned. Only problem is that the power button is chipped, so you have to press HARD on it to make it work. Kind of scary considering each time it does that it makes a crack sound

So I figured I would try something to reap the best of both worlds.

I decided I would try to swap the working 160gb HDD into the Fattie.

Is it worth trying or is the mere cosmetic issues not worth the hassle? Are they even compatible to eachother? And what is the process I should take in the HDD swap if I choose to do so?

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Lombax Warrior
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Re: Swapping HDD from PS3 Slim to Fat PS3

Feb 25, 2012

Its your PS3 personally, but I would doubt using the Slim more since its making that noise and you have to press it hard too.

You can easily swap hard drives since all PS3's use Laptop Size 2.5'' SATA HDD so basically open both of them up and make the switch.

If you need help just google or youtube Upgrading PS3 Hard Drive, there is a bunch of tutorials out there.

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