Dec 08 2012
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Some games won't load

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Recently I tried playing White Knight Chronicles II, but the game won't load. Nothing happens I just looked at my theme. Though it is a prewowned game, so I chalked it up to bad luck. But I then started playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 and then it happenend again it is a Collector Edition if it helps, and I only played it twice for maybe an hour or two each time. Also when it messes up it makes a sound like ejecting a disc but then nothing happens.


It only seems to work if I put it in a certain way. It is only a year old, not even as I got it last December.


Is it the games or my system?

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Re: Some games won't load

Dec 8, 2012

From your description it sounds like a problem with the optical drive.  Your PS3 probably needs to be sent in for service. I don't think that the disks are the problem, unless you have been storing all of them somewhere that is too hot.

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