Feb 25 2014
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Problem with Diablo III saved games

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1 month ago, I started playing Diablo III on my brothers console with him. I recently bought a PS3, Diablo III and started a couple other characters with my wife on our console. I went over to my brothers place to get my character on usb. I am now at home trying to put my original character that I played with on my system, but it will overwrite my saved game data that is currently on my system. So did I waste almost 40 hours of gameplay building a character? I called PlayStation support, they told me to get plus and use cloud storage..... same exact thing, I cant have both saved data utilities in cloud or on the console because they are the same file name. So there goes $10 for that. If there is anyone out there that knows a way to fix this then please help. I dont want to pay 9.99 a month to swap saved files to play different characters. Thanks

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