Sep 21 2012
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Problem using 1.4 hdmi cable

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Hello there.
I have an 80GB fat model ps3, and play it in a 32'' Philips LED TV, with no 3D support.

I have been using a "no brand" hdmi cable since 2009 with no problems, until the cable stopped working properly.
So I bought a new dlc-he20hf Sony hdmi cable, which is 1.4 and compatible with the ps3, according to the manufacturer.

When I plug the cable and  turn the sistem on, nothing happens and the TV displays a black screen with the message "No Signal".

I have already tried setting the display to automatically recognize hdmi and restoring the video setups holding the on/off button, but I still do not have the signal on the TV.

I'm certain the problem is not the cable, since other devices such as my notebook work with it. The firmware is updated and nothing else is seen to be missing.

Does anybody have an idea of what is happening? Do you think it is because of a hardware problem? Thanks

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Re: Problem using 1.4 hdmi cable

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Sep 21, 2012

I don't think that the problem was ever the cable.  When you say that the first cable wasn't "working properly", do you mean that you got no video signal, just like with the new cable?  If so, then the problem is likely to be that the PS3 graphics hardware has failed.  You can test this by trying to use a PS3 AV or component cable instead (the PS3 came with an AV cable). You will have to reset the video mode, by holding down the power switch on  the front of the console when the console is off, until it beeps a few times.  If you don't get a video signal from the multi-out port either, then the PS3 graphics hardware has failed. In that case, you will need to send the PS3 in for repair or replacement.  If the analog video cables still work, then you may just need to reset the video settings to get the HDMI output working again.  It could also be that the HDMI interface itself has failed, but that is pretty rare.

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Re: Problem using 1.4 hdmi cable

Oct 4, 2012

Thanks for answering

The first cable is working normally, except for some signal losses. It is a very simple and cheap cable.

I have tried reseting the video setting as well.

I've used the new cable on another TV with the playstation and it worked.
It's a very strange problem, since the new cable:
-Works on my TV with my notebook

-Works on another TV with the playstation

-But doesn't work on my TV with the playstation



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