Jan 12 2013
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Problem downloading patches for anything

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This problem started last night when I popped in Kingdoms of Amalur for the first time. I started up the game and I got the message that I need to download a patch. I pressed yes, patch is 15mb and begins downloading. Problem is, it's giving me a 230 minute download estimate for it. Chalking it up to a mishap I tried downloading the patch agian, but same thing. My router is fine, my connection speed is 15/5mb. I go on the ps store and as a test download the online pass for kingdoms. Its 35 mb and downloads in like 20 seconds. I go back to install the patch, same problem as before. I chalk it up to the patch being buggy or whatever, until this morning, when I try to download a patch for skyrim and the same problem occurs. Again, only the patches are affected since I downloaded the Ascension beta this morning in an hour from the store. The patch for skyrim is like 100mb and I get a 250 minute wait time. Any ideas?

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Re: Problem downloading patches for anything

Jan 12, 2013

The game patches are not in the Playstation Store.  You don't even need a PSN account to game download patches, so they are in an entirely different system.  The patches are on a separate set of servers, that have far less resources than the Playstation Store; because they don't make money for Sony.  There is nothing unusual about downloading patches having different performance than downloading content from the Playstation Store.  There is no reason for them to be comparable, as they are not on the same servers. 

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