Dec 30 2013
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PS3 won't autosave.

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Hello,  I've been looking for anyone else with this problem, and I can't seem to find anyone. 


I've been playing games for awhile and getting some error messages, (8001050F usually) but the games save despite the error code.


Recenlty I've picked up some new games.  XCOM, Hitman Absolution, and Far Cry 3.  None of these games will allow me to save.  Far Cry 3 just runs the autosave continuously which makes a ton of broken files when I go to the save game utility.


I've already tried the quick reformat and the full reformat.  I've tried starting in safe mode and running the file restore, etc. 


Any other thoughts?


I can download game updates and install large files like the Far Cry 3 installing file and full games such as FIFA 13.


Any help would be appreciated.



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