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Oct 07 2012
By: Shinji-Ex Uncharted Territory 1949 posts

PS3 resetting when attempting to update NetFlix?

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After accepting the update it would say "please wait" then the system would reset?

and I'd get a notice the system did not turn off correctly then proceed to go through the system file restore process 


This happen 2 times in a row so I thought I'd trying installing and updating another app such as the Amazon video app

and had no issues doing so


Then I attempted to update the NetFlix app again and I was able to without the system resting


Time of issue 8-9PM CDT October 6th 2012 NA



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Re: PS3 resetting when attempting to update NetFlix?

Oct 7, 2012
This issue happens randomly with any patches. Every time it has happened to me, I shut my PS3 down normally, boot it back up, try the software that was causing the reboot and (normally) it patches just fine. If you haven't yet, try this. You can also try to delete and reinstall Netflix (if that's an option in the triangle menu; can't remember a if I ever tried) similar to refreshing Home.
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