Dec 21 2012
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PS3 disc reading trouble

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I've been having this problem with my PS3 for awhile now, and it seems to be getting progressively worse.


When i put a disc into my PS3 for the first time of the day, the PS3 takes a really long time to read the disc:

  • I put it into the PS3, and it starts making some weird spinning and clicking noises.
  • After a few seconds of almost nothing, the PS3 does like a false eject kind of thing, and the PS3 starts making the same spinning and clicking noises again.
  • At this point the PS3 will not read the disc, so i have to eject it, and then put it back inot the PS3
  • This continues for a variable amount of time.
  • eventually i will put into the disc,. and the PS3 will just start working properly. it reads the disc fine and the game plays fine and the PS3 will work fine all day, unless it has been turned off for a long time.

I admit, and can only assume, this is a very unusual problem, but any help for this would be much appreciated. 

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Re: PS3 disc reading trouble

Dec 21, 2012

Hi there & welcome!


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