Oct 06 2012
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PS3 Slim switching itself off

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Hi all, I have a problem with my Slim PS3. Everytime I turn it on, it turns itself off after around a minute of being on. All I know about it is it isn't an error with the Power Supply, I've done the tweak that most people on google recommend, and I've also tried replacing it with a perfectly fine supply, still the same thing. It's incredibly frustrating, so any help would be highly appreciated

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Re: PS3 Slim switching itself off

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Oct 7, 2012

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Have you check to see if you, out of curiosity, activated the Power Save Settings?

Note:these settings activate after a certain amount of inactivity. If you are active, as in, you are playing/interacting with the system as it turn itself off then something else is the problem.


Go to Settings/Power Save Settings and make sure the options under System Auto Off are set to Off

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