Feb 20 2013
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PS3 BSOD Help!

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Well, last week I left my PS3 at home when was raining really heavy, with thunderbolts and everything.
At night after I came back from college I turned my PS3 on to play a little bit.


But then I started to see that it was with some problems like:
couldn't connect to the Internet (with cable or wireless)
icons disappearing after I choosen some option
saved data (PS3) corrupted
the system doesn't turn off (still with green light)
can't turn on PS3 pressing the PS button in the controller


So I got scared, maked the backup and try to do a lot of procedures that I found on Internet.


My current situation is:

Recovery Menu
1. Restart System
2. Restore Default Settings
3. Restore File System
4. Rebuild Database
5. Restore PS3 System
6. System Update

The options 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Recovery Menu freeze the PS3 in a black screen, nothing appear (even a bar or something).


I already verify the HDD (Hitachi 120Gb) using HDD Regenerator 2011 and it only detected 1 delay.

I put the HDD back on PS3, used the Format Utility -> Full Format and Waited almost 8 hours to it complete the task

So when it start the system normally, it ask me to configure user, date, hour and internet(here I see that the problem persists because it continued to not connect to the internet) and then when I see the PS3 logo suddenly a Blue Screen appears.

I press the 'X' button but then the PS3 freeze in a black screen.


I readed that one user of the UK PS3 Community solved his faulty PS3 formatting the HDD on PC, putting it back on PS3 and using the System Update in the Recovery Menu.

And that's what I did. Formatted the HDD on PC using Super FDisk (FAT 32) and erased the MBR, put it back on PS3, entered in the Recovery Menu and selected System Update.

The system prompted me that was needed to format the HDD. Okay! When it complete... black screen! Hold power button, turn off and then turn on
It starts to copy the update files. Okay! When it complete... black screen! Hold power button, turn off and then turn on.
It starts to update the system.

When it achieve 44% it jumps to 100% and goes again to the black screen.

So I holded the power button to turn off the PS3, and turned it on again.

What appeared was the same things again. Put user name, date, hour... and after i finished it, when the PS3 logo appeared, there comes the Blue Screen.


So the situation is that none of the options of the Recovery Menu worked for me and when I start the system normally, i got the BSOD.


Just two more thing:
After the Full Format I tested the HDD 1 more time on HDD Regenerator 2011, but this time it doesn't indicate any problem with it. The HDD is perfect now!

Sometimes, when I start the system normally, he ask me to restore file system or rebuild the databasase, but both complete 100% and then freeze in a black screen.


How you guys can see I tried almost everything.

I just don't tried to pull the HDD during the initialization of the update.
(the 10th message in this thread by Schmhll : )


I'm thinking that the Flash Memory of the PS3 must be damaged somehow bcause the HDD is perfect!

If I'm right and the Flash Memory is damaged, would be possible do everything that I described for you?

Wouldn't be impossible to do the whole things that I did with a damaged Flash Memory?

And if it ain't damaged, but just the files in it, why when I do the update it doesn't fix it?

Any idea when a new system update will come? (4.32?)

My PS3 System version is 4.31.

Anyone have an idea of what can I try to solve this?


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Re: PS3 BSOD Help!

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Feb 20, 2013

I just readed now the calmlikeaborn's post on 'PS3 Slim bricked after 4.31 upgrade attempt':

" You might even be able to have the same effect if you take the current HDD out and format it in a computer... maybe, that's a groundless theory but it should be like getting a new HDD from the store. Make sure it's a full format and not a quick format. **again groundless but might save you some pennies."

The Super FDisk format was a quick one.

The PS3 Full Format isn't equal to the PC Full Format?

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