Dec 21 2012
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PS1 saving issues

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Ok, so I bought 3 ps1 games a while back and beat them and they were saved on my Ps3, no problem. But I went back today (dec 20) to play them again and I found out that my saved files have been deleted. Because its ps1 it ask for a memory card and I think to myself that the ps3 has an internal memory card but it is for the ps2. Is there a way to fix this because I really feel as if I wasted 15$ on these 3 games and I can't even save them.

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Re: PS1 saving issues

Dec 21, 2012

The PS3 has virtual memory cards for both the PS2 and the PS1.  When you play PS1 Classics, or PS1 games on disk, the save data is saved on a virtual PS1 memory card in the Memory Card Utility in the Game category of the XMB.  Unless you deleted it, the memory card should still be in the Memory Card Utility; but you may need to assign the memory card to a slot.  You can create a lot of memory cards, but only two can be used at a time; as the actual PS1 only had two memory card slots.

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