Jan 12 2013
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No Signal after the system is off

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I have a HDMI Switcher box  for the following    My TV, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.


So far of the 3 Video Game systems   only the PS3 go to a No Signal screen when I turn the System off  the other 2 go right back to the TV to were I can watch it  but with the PS3 I have to go over and hit the button to get it back to the TV.   I would like to know how do I fix this so I wil not have to get up and down when the system is used.


TV is an LG

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Re: No Signal after the system is off

Jan 13, 2013

That has nothing to do with the PS3.  The automatic switching feature of your HDMI switch isn't compatible with the PS3, specifically it isn't able to detect when the PS3 is in standby.  There is nothing that you can do about it on the PS3 end. That is a limitation of the switch.  The PS3 works the way that it works. There is no option to change the behavior of the HDMI port when the PS3 is in standby. I have the Rockefish HDMI switch, and I have to change the input device manually with the remote also.

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