Feb 12 2012
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Netflix buggy after 4.10 Update

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     Has anyone had an issue with Netflix after the latest update? I've never had a problem with Netflix, but after the update I get hung up on the red loading screen. I have to delete the game data and the app itself in order to get Netflix working. It works for a few hours and than kicks back to the red loading screen where I have to repeat the process in order to get Netflix going. Just curious if anyone knows a more permanent fix, or if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

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Re: Netflix buggy after 4.10 Update

Feb 26, 2012

Not the same here, but the NetFlix App on my PS3 is KILLING ME these days.

First it would browse the movies catalog all by itself, and always to the left ! (No, my control is just fine...).

Then with the last PS3 Update (4.11 I think) it came back OK, BUT now the problem is the 4 control keys (green triangle, cross - "OK", square...) won´t work !

Of course these buttons are just fine everywhere else but on Netflix App.

Now trying to reinstall 4.11 via USB drive (after having reinstalled Netflixx twice tonight).

Hope it helps !

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